Fat Hate: It’s What’s for Dinner

24 05 2010

Fat hatred is nothing new. And whether you’re a size 2 or a size 22, you’ve probably experienced some kind of fat shaming or fat hatred at some point in your life. It penetrates all aspects of daily life – education, work, travel and all forms of media.

So, naturally, fat hatred has infiltrated social networking. A search of the words “Fat” and “hate” on twitter will bring up thousands of tweets about how much the user hates someone who is fat, or is trying to insult someone by calling them fat. On Facebook, the same search turns up multiple pages and groups dedicated to hating things fat people do.

Notice the theme among those pages (besides the awful grammar)?
It’s not just any kind of fat person this hate and vitriol is directed at. Almost all of this is directed at self identified women.

When I worked at Fashion Bug, every day women would come in who had internalized this special combination of sexism and fat hatred, and the results were not pretty.
Women who were terrified of trying on clothes, women who wouldn’t take of their winter coats (in April) to avoid people seeing how big they were underneath, women who wouldn’t let anyone measure them, etc. This is all a direct result of groups that target fat self-identified women.

This is what the world thinks of fat women.

Now, I know you’re reading this groups with judging eyes, but before you get all self righteous, think about how you see fat people. How often do you think “She is too fat for that dress,” “He needs to put down the fork” or “Maybe if she ate some vegetables she wouldn’t be in that scooter?”

This is certainly a big problem, one that requires everyone’s help. But, keeping the same thoughts as those above and just keeping your mouth shut solves nothing. You cannot help us end hate until you rid yourself of hate first.




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