Leah’s Guide to Vacationing

11 06 2010

The season has officially been in full swing for about a week now, and as a resident of a resort town, I thought I’d give you all some tips on how to decrease your chances of getting your asses kicked by a “local.”

1) Do not expect everyone living here to serve you.
Like most people who live in resort towns year round, we are poor. There are very few jobs here to begin with, and most people work here during the summer serving other people. However, when you step out of that hotel, or out of that restaurant, do not expect people who live here to continue catering to your needs simply because you are a tourist. We live here, we do not live here specifically to serve you.

2) Do not complain about the condition of the town.
Here in Wildwood, beyond the beachfront condos and boutiques, there are abandoned stores and public housing projects. During the season, the town does it’s best to try and whitewash over all of that and divert the tourists to other areas so they aren’t frightened off by the scary locals (poor brown people). That doesn’t mean people aren’t going to see these things, and when they do, they make it a point of complaining. To everyone, regardless of whether or not they are a city official. Most people only get the chance to work during the summer, and it’s usually a minimum wage job. We can’t afford beautiful homes with lush, green lawns and white picket fences just to make you feel a little bit better while you’re here exploiting people.

3) Don’t do anything to further exercise your class privilege over us.
When you are coming to our town for vacation, leave your smug sense of superiority at home. Oh, you have a six figure job and live in an upper class PA suburb? Good for you. You aren’t “better” than us because you overpaid for a tiny vacation condo you only use a few weeks per summer (yes, we know how much you paid for it) and you don’t own us because we clean your condo, serve your food or sell your waterpark tickets.

4) Do not forget that we are human beings.
You may come to our towns to get drunk, lay on the beach, or enjoy some time with your family, but these are our homes. All we ask you to do during our stay is to respect us, and respect our homes. Don’t expect us to cater to your every whim, don’t make nasty comments about our homes and lives, and don’t think your money gives you the right to treat us like dirt.




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