Mayor Bloomberg Thinks Student Protesters Are Just “Trying to be Cute”

13 06 2010

On Friday, hundreds of students walked out of their schools in the five boroughs and marched to City Hall to protest proposed cutting of free matrocards for students.

The MTA has always had some kind of budget shortfall to deal with, and every year they seem to make ridiculous proposals to save money. I’m not so sure this will asctually go through. These metrocards are essential for half of the city’s school population, and without them they have no way of getting to school. However, the issue here is Mayor Bloombergs disgusting comments about the protesters.

The steps of City Hall is nice theater, it’s good weather, I hope they have a good time. If I were them, I would think long and hard one day, if I didn’t pass a test, that Friday afternoon when O was trying to be cute and be out there picketing, better than being in class. Is that the day I could have learned that one little fact that could have got me into that better school, got me that better degree, got me that better job?

That one day of protesting isn’t going to prevent them from getting into a good college/landing a good job if they can’t get to school because they can’t afford to. Their age and education status does not mean they can’t exercise their right to protest cuts to vital services, and it doesn’t make their concerns any less valid. Perhaps he don’t understand, because he’s a multi-zillionaire, but these students are fighting for their educations. Shame on you, Mayor Bloomberg.




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