Why I Vote

9 07 2010

Today on Twitter, the feed for the Democratic party asked its 7900+ followers why they vote. A search of the hashtag will pull up tweets that are inspiring, emotional, and hilarious. As I read through them, I found myself agreeing with a lot of what was being said. So, like everyone else today, I’ll tell you why I vote.

-As a person with disabilities, my voice is often silenced. Sighted/Able bodied people like to think that they can speak for me and people like me, but silence us in the process. Doctors, teachers, social workers and “advocates” all like to think they can speak for PWD, but they cannot. My vote is my voice, and that will never be taken away from me.

-I live in poverty. I do not believe that every politician has my interests at heart when they claim to fight for the poor (I’m not talking about the middle class, here), but when the rare one comes along and I can throw my support behind them with my vote, I will.

-I care about what happens in my community, in my state, and in my country. I worked hard to get Governor Corzine reelected, and when Chris Christie won, I was devastated. Not because we had lost, but because I knew what it meant for New Jersey. I knew what it meant for my brother, sister and niece, who will have to go through the shredded public schools, for my mother as a union worker, for the teachers I had that would be, and are now, getting fired, for all the kids relying on the STARS program to go to college, and so on. It hurts me to see people suffering because of politicians who are simply there to serve themselves and their privileged friends. I like to think my vote was a rejection of Chris Christie, and it will be again in 2013.

-I want this country to move forward. The US has done, and continues to do some awful things. I want the representatives of my country to stop, make amends, and work to make us better.

-I don’t want my country to continue to be one run by corporations. I don’t want politicians in office that work for CEOs and Big Business instead of people.

-I am young, naive, and still believe there is power in a vote, and that my vote counts.




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