Glenn Beck and Disability

21 07 2010

I am not a happy camper.

I have been forced to make a post about Glenn Beck.

Over the weekend, Glenn Beck announced that he had macular dysfunction and one day, he could lose his vision someday. Immediately following this announcement came the accusations that he’s faking, and of course, the jokes.

“He’s probably faking!” “His blackboard’s gonna be funny know!” “He once said something bad about blind people so it’s okay!” “How will he know how to cry on cue if he can’t read the cards?!”

This shit needs to stop. Right now.

These jokes and accusations don’t just mock Glenn Beck, it hurts blind people like me. I have had to endure jokes and accusations that I was “faking it” my entire life. I have been denied services, called names, been purposely tripped, all because people thought I was lying about my blindness, or because someone wanted to make a joke.

Accusing Glenn Beck of faking his visual impairment without solid, concrete evidence hurts not only blind people, but all people with disabilities, visible and invisible. We are constantly questioned about our pain and our abilities by everyone, from the government agencies that are supposed to help us, to retail employees who give us the sideye when we use the scooters. This directly results from jokes and accusations of lying.

If you consider yourself a progressive person, you need to think long and hard before you make another comment on this story. Think about the real people that you are hurting with your words.




2 responses

23 07 2010

You’re so right. I bash Beck as much as I can, but there are lines I won’t cross. I hate when progressives start to sound like the other side. Love that faux-gressives tag!

23 07 2010

I hate to quote Law and Order, but seriously. People who fight monsters need to make sure they don’t become ones themselves. It’s incredibly disheartening, not to mention harmful.

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