You Aren’t A Grammar Nazi, You’re an Asshole

17 09 2010

A lot of people like to claim the title of “Grammar Nazi” and if you are over the age of 16, you need to stop.

I’m not even going to discuss how horrible and harmful it is to just throw around the Nazi label as if it means nothing, but instead I’m going to focus and the ableism behind the people who tout themselves as such.

As I’ve mentioned here numerous times, I’m legally blind. And, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I make a lot of typos. A whole lot. Keeping in line with my post from Wednesday, people like to make assumptions on my intelligence, or my laziness based on how many typos they see. “I judge you based on your spelling.” is something I’ve seen a lot of my facebook friends like. These are the kinds of people who, in an argument will notice one spelling error and jump on the person for it instead of having a valid argument. For people with visual disabilities or dyslexia, this is something we hate. We spend an incredible amount of time going over status updates, blog posts, papers or just general assignments to weed out the errors, and trust me when I say that it is literally impossible to catch them all. It has nothing to do with intellect or competence, it is about disability.

People with disabilities especially people nwith learning disabilities) are constantly made to feel as if we are intellectually lesser than the able bodied community. Calling out spelling errors and justifying it with “Oh, I’m just a total grammar nazi” only reinforces the ableist stereotype that brings direct harm to us.




One response

13 10 2010
D Gavi Chayim

I am not legally blind that I know off exactly. BUT I was told I’m 20/200 and that that is right at legally blind. I do read better with BIGGER print. And my eyes are sensitive to light. I also think faster than my fingers can type and I type fairly fast… I have had a long history of not being the best speller and it has been in the past not comforting when trying to get my point across and I goof. HOWEVER I too am very intellectual and intelligent as yourself. This note/blog/post is VERY understandable. And I also agree that there isn’t enough time to begin to explain how NOT funny using the term “Nazi” is. I am Jewish… someone saying that he or she is a “grammar nazi” is not in the least bit funny.

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