Don’t Wish Me A Happy Thanksgiving

25 11 2010

Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. A holiday that is presented as one to spend with family and friends, reflecting on how thankful we all are for the things we have. This idea is crammed down the throat of every American from the point of Kindergarten. As we grow older, we learn more about the real history of this holiday, and even after being presented with the facts, we continue to celebrate it “for what it is now.”

The flagrant denial of the history of this nation and this holiday is an attack on every Indigenous person.

This does not need to be a long and drawn out post with detailed explanation because quite frankly, everyone knows this. If you have lived in this country your entire life and are over the age of 14 you cannot claim to not know at least part of the real history of this holiday.

What you do with this information is ultimately up to you. I am choosing to not ignore history today, how about you?




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